Paul Eisenklam

Travel Awards


Paul Eisenklam Travel AwardsFor Young Researchers – ILASS2022

ILASS-Europe supports young researchers each year to attend ICLASS and ILASS-Europe conferences through the Paul Eisenklam Travel Award.
The award in the form of a bursary has a maximum amount of 1000 €, including travel expenses, accommodation, daily allowances and conference fees.

Eligible candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a full time graduate student/research assistant at an European research facility at the time of the conference.
  2. Present a poster or an oral paper at the conference, describing the research effort to which he/she made a significant contribution.
  3. Clearly benefit from the availability of travel funds in order to attend the conference.

To apply for funding, applicants must submit the following information, together with the conference abstract by April 1st (Application acceptance information would go out in the first 2 weeks of April):

  • A brief description of the research to be presented
  • A statement, why it is essential to receive the travel award to be able to join the conference
  • An affirmation of willingness to present a paper or a poster on the conference
  • Details of other awards, contributions or grants towards travel and/or subsistence expenses for the same conference
  • Explanation of the expected benefit from conference attendance.

Also, a letter of endorsement of the research advisor must be included.

Consideration will be given to the general contribution of the work to the field of Atomization and Sprays, the applicant’s contribution to the research,financial need, and how the conference attendance will advance the applicant’s career.

Expenses will be reimbursed after the conference on the basis of original documents.

Please send your complete e-mail application in a single pdf file to:
Dr. Ing. Lydia Achelis | University of Bremen |